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Achoo is an iOS 15 Safari extension app that makes it easy to view the HTML source for the current webpage with a few taps. It can be super helpful to peak behind the curtain and see how a webpage is structured. Fun fact: I built this app to help me build my other app, Amplosion!

.zip Press Kit Download

Or see a preview of the press kit on Imgur.

For any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


Can it edit the contents of the page?

Yes! If you bring up the HTML source for the website in Achoo, you can tap the “Edit” and then tap anywhere on the page to edit the contents, which can be really fun! A little bonus feature in addition to viewing the HTML!

Does it affect battery life?

No! The extension is only ever initialized if you manually tap on it to trigger.

What makes Achoo special?

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